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 (pics are from our koicam under water)


A list of our Tame Koi in our pond in the autumn 2007

The year beside the name of the koi relates to the year it was hatched


Zetus from 2002


A Female Chagoi from Marusei Koi Farm (better known as Hirasawa)


Bought in 2004


2004: 40 cm

2005: 45 cm

2006: 50 cm

2007: 60 cm

2008: 62 cm


Camilla’s absolute favourite and the labrador of our pondJ

Always to find where there is food offered and loves to fondle.  Follows us around the pond in our projects. Managed once to suck on the tongue of our dog and furthermore one of our cats to beg for food! Was bought as a male but turned out to be a female in the summer 2006 where she spawned eggs all overJ

Have quite a lot shimis but she is still a ”must” in our pond..

Sne (Snow) from 2002


A Male Doitsu. Platinum Ogon from unknown breeder in China


Bought in  2004


2004: 45 cm

2005: 48 cm

2006: 51 cm

2007: 57 cm

2008: 57 cm


Patrick wanted him in the pond from the first time he saw him and no wonder why. He moves so gracefully that we simply forget time as we are totally fascinated by him.

Can be a bit annoying when he swims up at the side of another koi making their white colour look a bit yellow for just a moment! A true example that Chinese Koi not always are poor in colour.


Silke (Silk) from 2002


A Female Doitsu. Hajiro from unknown breeder in China


Bought in 2004


2004: 43 cm

2005: 46 cm

2006: 50 cm

2007: 60 cm

2008: 61 cm


Maria’s ”ugly creature” which she adores (so do other koikeepers but she is not for sale). She is a bandit and you need to watch out for your fingers when she sucks the food out of your had very hard and at the same time chases the other koi away. Gets stressed but only when the heat (netting) is over and then she jumps. If we did not know better she would be the the blonde of our pond.J

Perle (Pearl) from 2003


A Female Soragoi from Marusei Koi Farm (better known as Hirasawa)


Bought in 2004


2004: 19 cm

2005: 35 cm

2006: 41 cm

2007: 55 cm

2008: 55 cm



Bought as a tiny baby but already a vigorous lady with quite an appetite. She nearly killed herself twice in the summer 2006 as she tried to eat a frog that unintentionally jumped in the pond and almost suffocated.

Lucky from 2004


A Female Yondan Budo Goromo from Japan


Bought in 2005


2005: 13 cm

2006: 34 cm

2007: 42 cm

2008: 44 cm



Bought as a tiny baby koi and has until now spent the winters inside with Zafir until 2006 where it is time to step up and stay in the pond. We get more and more excited with it’s ai-sashi as it grows and though it is a bit pale in the picture because it has been inside it is now very dark orange brown and just beautiful.

Spirit from 2004


A Male Yamabuki Ogon from unknown breeder in China


Bought in 2005


2005: 35 cm

2006: 39 cm

2007: 50 cm

2008: 50 cm




If we were ever going to buy a yamabuki ogon it had to bee this koi that is very sunshine yellow in its color and not so pale as many yamabuki are. However this picture is taken in the spring when it is very pale because it has overwintered under styrene. But at the end of the summer it is very dark yellow and beautiful when the sun reflects in its scales.


Zoe from 2003


A Female Tancho Showa from Marudo Koi Farm


Bought in 2005


2005: 43 cm

2006: 46 cm

2008: 51 cm




Maria’s dream come true when she was brought home from Japan. She has all the things we would look for in a Tancho and is a vulominous lady that will be as broad as she is long if we do not push her away from the food at times.

Orange-red spot and a characteristic black due to the  bloodline from which she originates.

Leika from 2003


A Female Tancho Sanke from Konishi Koi Farm


Bought in 2006


2006: 46 cm

2007: 52 cm

2008: 54 cm



Bit of a funny story as Maria in 2005 phoned around to ask for a Tancho Sanke as she had already seen this one but thought it was to expensive and Patrick that it had too little black on it and probably to come. And yet it ended in our pond, so the lesson would be to buy the koi the first time you see it and not to wait. A beautiful classic Tancho Sanke with no black in the spot and the black that has already come on to the surface is not in that big patches at it almost resembles a Tancho Showa which many sanke do nowadays. A pleasure to have it in our pond instead of watching it on a dealers websiteJ

Thor from 2004


A Male Tancho Kohaku from Ogata Koi Farm


Bought in 2006


2006: 42 cm

2007: 46 cm

2008: 46 cm



Patrick’s number one among koi. We have been luckless with this type of koi before. The first one jumped the pond in 2004 and afterwards we bought a new one in 2005 which we only had for few days before she jumped into the net and damaged her spot. This one has a deep red tancho and so with jittery nerves (perhaps the type just brings us bad karma) we took the chance and bought him. Luckily he is quite calm and we try to avoid bringing the net around him so that we do not make the same mistake twice.

Spir (Spire) from 2005


A Male Ai Goromo from Isawa Nishikigoi Centre (better known as Toshio Sakai or just Sakai)


Bought in 2006


2006: 20 cm

2007: 44 cm

2008: 45 cm




A flowery pattern but very delicious koi when it comes to colour and scales and it has already started the process of making blue edges on the outer 1/3 of the scale so we bought it to grow in our pond.

Sitka from 2005


A Female Sandan Kohaku from Sakai Fish Farm (better known as Sakai Hiroshima or just SFF)


Bought in 2006


2006: 22 cm

2007: 37 cm

2008: 40 cm



Maybe the sibling of the koi below. A bit more slim with a sandan pattern. It is not a ginrin koi but posesses a lot of reflective scales that probably will be toned down as it matures.

Kenai from 2005



A  Nidan Kohaku from Sakai Fish Farm (better known as Sakai Hiroshima or just SFF)



Bought in 2006


2006: 22 cm

2007: 37 cm

2008: 37 cm



The best of the two small koi-siblings that we bought at the same time. A little nidan with broad shoulders and very pretty odome and kiwa and sashi. Promising future we hope and very curious when we enter the room at the indoor quarantine facility.

Eris from 2003


A Shiro Utsuri from Omosako Koi Farm


Bought in 2006


2006: 50 cm.

2007: 54 cm

2008: 54 cm



Original not the one that we had our eyes set on but when we arrived at the deealer he immediately cought our eyes and won our hearts. He has a deep black thick colour and a creamy delicious white (this picture is takes when he was indoor at the dealer but after having been in our pond some time now he has developed the thickness of especially the black again).. A charming head pattern and he should probably have been named something with a “V” but Camilla decides the names of the koi and so it became Eris.

Cera fra 2005  

En Female Aka Matsuba fra Oofuchi 

Bought in  2006 

2006: 40 cm

2007: 50 cm

2008: 51 cm



Definitely a female with personality. Had, when we bought her in 2006, a beautiful clean face. However, some of the ghost genes that are in the matsuba string have taken over and has led to shimis around the nose but it is fortunately regular and symmetrical. In contrast to her shimis, she has beautiful regular scales all the way which are very beautiful and all equally coated and that is the reason why we picked her.


Smutter fra 2006

A Shiro Utsuri from Hosokai

Bpught in 2006

2006: 25 cm

2007: 40 cm

2008. 43 cm



A nice Shiro Utsuri that we simply needed to own as they don’t exactly mass produce them in the north (Niigata area). It has motoguro in all of its fins and a nice head pattern so it slipped right into our  shopping basket, hence the name in Danish. Is a little yellow in the face, hopefully it will grow from it when the color thickens with age. Has clearly a different kind of black and white compared to Eris that is from Omosako in the south, but both are a must in the pond.


Myaki fra 2005 

A Male Showa from Conias

Bought in 2007

2007/2: 40 cm

2007/9: 47 cm

2008     49 cm.



He has beautifully symmetrical motogoro in the finns, deep thick color both in the red and black and a beautiful white background to 'finish it all off on. " The only minus for him is that he is somewhat thin in body shape, but lets see in the years to come, showa are somewhat different in bodyshape as kohaku and especially male showa until they mature.


Hotlips fra 2006

A Female Kucbibeni Showa from Isawa Nishikigoi Centre (better known as Toshio Sakai or just Sakai)

Bought in 2007

2007/2: 30 cm

2007/9: 41 cm

2008:    44 cm



Perfect kissing lips and a beautiful skin quality. Bigger red markings than our other koi but with a purpose and why we chose her insted of may others.

Shadow fra 2006

A Female Yondan Showa from Sakai Fish Farm

Bought in 2007

2007/4: 22 cm

2007/9: 30 cm

2008:    34 cm




A long-sought yondan (4-step) Showa for the future. It will be an exciting process to see it mature and follow the development of sumi on a beautiful kohaku background. It is a little pale in color because it has been in our in door quarantine but hopefully the colors should be allowed to develop fully again in real sun and open air and also in the years to come.



Starfire from 2006 

An Inazuma Showa from Sakai Fish Farm

Bought in 2007

2007/4: 23 cm

2007/9: 27 cm

2008:    35 cm


A beautiful inazuma Showa which is a real charmer and we look forward to seeing it mature together with our four step showa we bought at the same time. Is also a little pale having being kept indside and because of its age so we look forward to the years to come and the process of development.


Dust from 2007 

A Goshiki from  Sakai Fish Farm

Bought in 2008

2008/7: 22cm




A "goshiki-light" bought especially because of this because our water is very hard and very quickly brings out the black on the red and white background. Also a koi for the future.

Akela from 2006


A Showa from Dainichi


Bought in 2007:


2007: 45 cm





A very lovely and long wanted showa which is intense in its colors and we look very much forward to following her mature in our pond and hopefully she keeps her beauty

Tika from 2007 

A Maruten Sanke from Sakai Fish Farm

Bought in 2008

2008/7: 25cm



A sanke with bigger patches of black than ther former strings. Very clear in its colors. Growths very fast.

Shiva from 2007 

AKuchibeni Sanke from Sakai Fish Farm

Bought in 2008

2008/7: 23cm



A sanke with more classic black patches than the one above. Lovely red nose and very strong in colors too.



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